The Flatiron Building

Architect: Eastern Design Office (Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno)

Location: Shiga, Japan

Year built: 2011

According to Eastern Design Office, the structure is like a castle narrated in one of Michael Ende’s fantasy stories – where boys and girls enter this t building which is configured by square elements in a pleasing atmosphere. Thriangulare Youkaichi district of Shiga’s prefecture in Japan is a mixed use zone – industrial and residential. The project which has been designed as a ‘typical’ tenanted apartment house with seven rooms is a rather unique building within this mixed-use zone.  But what makes it so unique is the architectural design which was shaped because of the unusual acute-angled triangular property.




  In floor plan the building takes the shape of the acute triangular plot resembling a piece of cake. The triangular residential complex is restricted by zoning laws, yielding four floors. The tenanted apartment building is considered typical according to Japanese standards and includes a total of seven units; two on each floor from the first floor to the third and one sole unit on the fourth floor. The ‘flatiron’ structure was constructed with concrete as the basic construction material e the facade wall is made out of square cut stone, concrete and glass formed like scattered cards bound by a “cross” so that the spread out material would not disjoin.






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