House H

Architect: Hiroyuki Shinozaki

Location: Matsudo, Chiba, Tokyo, Japan

Year built: 2012

House H was originally developed in the 60’s, with its recent redevelopment, it has now become a modern home for a couple and a small child, designed with imagination, practicality, thought and style.




Clean not sterile, calm not cold, this home is a breath of fresh air, designed to be a living symbol of a family’s life by utilizing its large roof and structure where shape, symmetry and quality materials take centre stage. The house’s structure is the key to its magic and is central to the tranquil design where the bold plan and the abundance of light provide for a subtle platform in which a family can enjoy the true act of living.



But inside, what really sets this house apart, is the fact that it is actually one space, albeit smartly divided, under an incredible huge roof.The pared back design of pine on white showcases the building’s structure, which is further enhanced with features such as Y-shaped supportive structures made of bonded wood that resemble bunches of traditional wooden attic beams.







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