Aoyama Technical College

Architect: Makoto Sei Watanabe

Location: Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Year built: 1990

Cartoons have been a major genre of popular entertainment  in Japan dating back to 1917. The country’s unique style of animation, or anime, came into its own in the 1960s — notably in the pioneering work of Osamu Tezuka. In the 1990’s, a generation of architects, who came of age watching anime cartoons on television, were granted license to build fantastic creations fueled by the excess and lack of restraint that characterized Japan’s asset bubble. Since that era, Japanese architects have produced fantastical edifices that clearly owe a great deal of their creative inspiration to the country’s cartoon aesthetics.

Perched atop a building in the upscale Tokyo neighborhood of Aoyama, the top of this academic building resembles an antennaed robotic insect or the giant mecha foe of Gundam.








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