Bubbletecture H

Architect: Endo Shuhei

Location: Sayo-cho, Hyogo, Japan

Year built: 2006-2008

Bubbletecture H, teaching and research center on the environment and is an example of a type of construction that is inspired by nature, expressing himself with curved shapes, surfaces and structures found in nature and biology. This type of architecture, called bionic architecture, often makes use of geometric elements characterized by broken lines and irregular shapes, creating an alternative to the traditional architecture of the buildings with rectangular plan.
Designed referring to the rounded shapes found in nature, the project is full of bumps and arches reminiscent of the giant bubbles.
You can think of the building as a huge snail or a fungus in the countryside, consisting of a combination of various triangular elements, the result of complex mathematical and engineering calculations. The end result is a large, organic and eco-friendly.


The building is perched on top of a hill, overlooking the north side of the forest. E ‘consists of three wings in the form of “bubble” integrated into a single structure, which house the main services: a theater, a library and a large area dedicated to workshops, as well as study areas. Features such as a warehouse, administration, waiting room and toilets are housed in small “cells” circular or cubic Attached to and integrated in a discreet way.
At its center is a circular courtyard. This theater and workshop area are located in the highest part of the site. The library hovers at the same height, like a gigantic mushroom-shaped dome, supported by a reinforced concrete base (stem) that houses the plant and the water tank.







Sources: http://www.archdaily.com/6951/bubbletecture-h-shuhei-endo/http://lucenergia.velux.it/luce/architettura-bionica#2;



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