Shibuya Hikarie

Architect: Shigeru Yoshino, Nikken Sekkei and Tokyu Architects and Tngineering, Inc. JV, Japan

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Year built: 2012

Shibuya is a town built in a valley among hills, and Shibuya Hikarie is tucked into the foot of one of those hills. Aboveground it channels pedestrian traffic between the east side of Shibuya station, across Meiji Avenue, up to the top of Miyamasuzaka hill. Underground, it is connected at basement 3 level to the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Shibuya Station. The 2nd floor links to a“through passageway” stretching to the top of the hill at Aoyama Avenue. In the near future the ticket gate for the Ginza Subway line will open on the 2nd floor and the “Sky Deck” passing above the Ginza line tracks will connect the 4th floor with Shibuya Station’s central and west exits. To accommodate the vertical lines of movement in this complex volume, we created a circular atrium “urban core” rising from the basement 3 level to the 4th-floor aboveground. Exterior light pours into the semi-circular atrium space, which provides ventilation to the subway below and is ringed by colorful digital display screens.
Combining cultural, commercial, and office facilities, Shibuya Hikarie “stacks up”inside it the diversity and bustle of Shibuya’s streets. The piled-up blocks divide the building by function, and the interstitial space takes the form of public transit space and rooftop courtyard. The elevators and escalators play the role of “streets” where the paths of all sorts of people intersect, creating synergies among them. The bustle is made visible from the streets outside, augmenting the lively atmosphere of the town.











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