Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum

Architect: Kiyonori Kikutake

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Year built: 1992

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is centerd on a permanent exhibit, which includes displays featuring both original artifacts and reproductions, as well as 55 large-scale replicas including Nihonbashi Bridge. The exhibits reveal the history of the city and the life and culture of the people who lived there. The Museum sponsors special exhibits, lecture series, and other events, and makes its halls, lecture rooms and other facilities available to the public for a variety of cultural activities.
And in Tokyo Metropolitan Koganei Park, the Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-En is created as a branch of the Edo-Tokyo Museum. In the Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-En, an open-air architectual museum, buildings which have cultural value but cannot be preserved in their original locations are moved to be rebuilt, restored, preserved, and put on public display. Inside the buildings are exhibits of folklore materials and everyday objects that give a glimpse of life as it was once lived in buildings such as these and that help provide a better understanding of Tokyo’s changing popular culture and lifestyles.







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