The Roof and Mushrooms pavilion

Architect: Nendo and Ryue Nishizawa

Location: Kyoto

Year built: 2013

Nendo and Ryue Nishizawa have collaborated to design a new building for the University of Art and Design.
It is located on a steep hill covered with lush vegetation, consisting of 36 ridges of the hills that line the east of Kyoto. A single element is designed to make the cover of the pavilion, which follows the slope of the site: the concept of the structure alludes to walk in the mountains in the midst of a thick blanket of trees.
The soffit of the wooden structure of the pavilion is designed in the form of a mushroom or umbrella, and why it is named.
Seating, seem to rise as the base of the pillars that support the roof at the same time seem like mushrooms sprouting in the woods; the same details of the railing help to restore the same natural image.
The designers have emphasized the idea of wanting to design architectural elements that make up the pavilion, as natural elements that pop ” in space inclined, rather than thinking of putting furniture in a room.







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